Torn between 'if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything' and 'l just don't think l can take that kind of rejection' songster Rich Barnard took the plunge and released his hotly anticipated debut aibum in 2006. Recorded in an Old Street penthouse, 'STFU' was lifted skyward on a sea of raised thumbs.

Rich started work on his follow-up CD in 2009. Three years and several gallons of rootbeer later, 'Downtime' was finally finished. Named after the dormant periods when his mojo proved particularly elusive, the new album is tougher, leaner and more assured, yet unmistakably Rich.

Recorded in a Hackney basement with the help of drummer Ben Woollacott and bassist Andy Waterworth, 'Downtime' is the album that refused to die. The album that's unashamedly undownloadable. lt's the album you didn't know you've been waiting for.